Individual Therapy

It's difficult to begin psychotherapy…but you have just taken the first step.

You've decided to overcome your initial fear of opening up to a complete stranger.

Now you must decide on the right kind of therapy, and the right therapist, for you.
My approach is based on psychodynamic-interpersonal psychology.

Therapy begins with us getting to know each other, and defining the difficulties that led you to seek therapy. We will begin building a trusting and non-judgmental relationship, where we will examine and resolve deep significant issues.                                                           


The goal of therapy, is to decrease psychological suffering that usually stems from internal conflicts, problems in relationships, low self-esteem and self-worth, anxiety, depression, feeling of unfulfilled potential, and loneliness.

In our work together, we will make unconscious, repressed issues  conscious, thereby expanding your emotional range, and allowing you to have a more whole and authentic life experience. The development and awareness gained by psychotherapy provides the freedom to choose, not to reenact unhealthy patterns, and find new ways of coping, leading to change, growth, fulfillment, and happiness.  
The therapeutic process is suited to each patient, his or her goals, and resources. Therefore, the length and frequency is determined individually. Some patients experience change after a few sessions, and others only after a longer period of time. This is individual, and does not reflect on the quality, or value, of the change.
Successful therapy will bring relief of emotional distress, improve the realization of personal potential, lead to personal development, and enhance psychological resilience.


Denise Rosenberg               דניס רוזנברג

Clinical Psychologist   פסיכולוגית קלינית