Long Distance Therapy

​Most things these days can be done by internet.

Naturally, also in the area of psychotherapy, there is more and more use of internet communication.

In many cases the possibility of online therapy allows interaction that otherwise could not exist.

For example, for people that cannot reach a clinic because they live abroad, or due to physical or mental disability, or other limitations, this can be an ideal solution.

Using internet communication and cameras, can allow them to participate in therapy sessions without leaving their home. Patients that are abroad on work trips or for other reasons, can use the internet to maintain the therapeutic process without creating gaps and inconsistencies.

In addition, there might be patients that are anxious about disclosing their identity.

They can use the option of writing as a form of communication.
Like psychotherapy that takes place in a clinic, also in long distance therapy, it is recommended to meet at a regular time and place to create a framework that will allow successful therapy to take place.



Denise Rosenberg               דניס רוזנברג

Clinical Psychologist   פסיכולוגית קלינית