Parent Guidance

Parenting is one of the most challenging, difficult, and rewarding roles, most of us will encounter throughout our lives. No matter how much love we feel towards our children, we will inevitably meet situations where we will be confused as to what is the right way to respond as parents, and why such difficult emotions arise in us when dealing with our children.
"Parent guidance" is a consultation framework that focuses on improving parenting skills, and improving child-parent relationships. I help parents understand the source of their problem, and how to deal with their parental challenges in a successful, aware, and appropriate manner, taking into account who they are as individuals, and what their child's needs are. 
Every family is a world within itself, with specific characteristics and individual needs. I will get to know and understand your family dynamics and together we will work towards establishing healthy and fulfilling relationships between all family members.  


Denise Rosenberg               דניס רוזנברג

Clinical Psychologist   פסיכולוגית קלינית